7 Reasons Your iPhone Battery Drains Quickly


With so many features on iPhones, it can be hard to not use them down to the last second of their battery life. Just having a couple of Apps open at once can cause the battery to drain a lot faster, which is an unfortunate yet realistic side effect of this handy technology.

The good news is that with the hit of a few buttons you can have the problem fixed. Here are 7 reasons why your iPhone battery may be draining much quicker than you would like for it to.

1.) Your Screen is Too Bright

The brightness of iPhone screens can be turned extremely bright. While this may be of convenience to many people, it can cause your battery to inconveniently drain at at faster rate than it would if your screen brightness was set at half the amount.

The original setting begins somewhere in the middle and the only way to turn the brightness up is if you do it yourself. If you have never messed with this feature, it more than likely won’t be a contributing factor to your iPhone’s fast decrease in battery life.

2.) You Have Too Many Apps Running At Once

It’s not hard at all to exit out of an app without forgetting to close it out all together so that it won’t continue to run in the background.

To stop apps and other pages from running in the background, push the home button twice and then swipe upwards to make them go away.

3.) You Aren’t Utilizing Airplane Mode

Most people think that airplane mode is limited to traveling, but anyone can use the feature to extend the life of their iPhone.

When you have no use of being connected to a cellular network say at night time, turn on airplane mode to make your battery last longer. Just remember that you cannot make or receive calls or send messages while airplane mode is on.

4.) You Have Background App Refreshing Turned On

Background app refresh is one of the biggest battery drainers, and is automatically turned on when you first acquire your new iPhone.

This feature automatically updates your apps for you so that you don’t have to manually go into the app store and do it yourself, so the next time you visit an app after a recent update, it will have already been done.

5.) Your Local Services Aren’t Being Limited

Local services are another feature of the iPhone that automatically comes turned on. At this point, each app you use that requests your location has to consistently update and ping the data each time you move to a different location.

Turning this feature off will make you iPhone battery have to work as hard. To turn off local services or adjust which apps you want to know your location, simply go to settings and then privacy.

6.) You Have Too Many Apps Downloaded

Somes apps can take up a ton of space, Facebook being a big example. On top of that, having a lot of apps can eventually take up all of your space, and drain your battery’s life even quicker.

As much as it may suck, decide which apps you can live without and do a thorough cleaning to make more room on your phone. The harder the apps have to work to keep running, the more life it will drain from your battery.

7.) Your Mailbox is Always Updating

When your mailbox is set to update whenever you receive new mail, the server has to go fetch the information and make the update which gives you a notification.

Turning this off will not only limit your updates to be seen when you manually log in to check your mail, but also drastically increase your iPhone’s battery life.


When your battery begins to drain too much and will no longer hold a charge, the unfortunate time may have arrived for you to get a replacement battery. It’s not recommend to perform any kind of DIY repairs to your iPhone due to it’s complex technology, so finding a professional iPhone repair specialists near you maybe your best option.

Look for more reasons why your battery may be dying faster in a sequel to this post, coming to a computer screen near you soon.



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App That Helps You Pick Out Wine?

image source: angloberry

Wine stores continue to pop up all over the country however, the number of people that don’t know much about buying it has just about stayed the same. When you’re visiting a wine store and become overwhelmed by the huge selection around you that you know little about, it can if anything, take a lot longer to make a decision.

But what if we told you that there was a little buddy you could bring with you to the wine store from now on that could tell you about the different kind of wines that catch your eye? Well, it’s only a few short minutes away from the tapping of a few buttons in the App store.

A new app called Next Glass is now here to help you decide which wine you may like, based on the types of wines you tell it that you like. More specifically, you rate a few wines you like after first downloading the app. Then when at the wine store, you can scan a bottle of wine and the app will deliver you a rating out of 100 of how much you may like it’s taste. Pretty nifty, huh?

But the fun doesn’t stop there as the Next Glass app also has the ability to rank beer, which tailors to a different kind of audience in itself.

Back to the personalized scoring. To deliver you an actual score, the company uses heavy duty chemistry equipment to analyze the composition of wines and beers. There are roughly 200 bottles tested each and every day, and amounts to 15,000 bottles of wine, and 8,000 bottles of beer thus far.

Next Glass makes more than 4 billion calculations to assess scores for it’s users, and has about a 96% accuracy rate.

Even better, the app comes with a few social media features that allow you to connect with friends that have the app as well. If you are all out together, you can make a joint decision about a wine to share.

If you are interested in seeing what Next Glass can do for you the next time you go to purchase a wine or beer for your next glass, check it out in the app store today.

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Wi-Fi May Rule By 2020

It’s no surprise that wi-fi continues to expand. In fact, you really no longer have to visit the coffee house or be close to a neighbors yard to pick on a wi-fi connection. Now days, it’s in our streets, places we eat, and on just about every source of travel from planes, to trains, to automobiles.

The great thing about wi-fi is the ability to stream internet from somewhere other than your wireless provider, which will help you end up losing a lot less data in the end. For frequent users of apps, Facebook, Netflix, and popular game apps like FarmVille and Candy Crush Sage, a constant wi-fi usage would be excellent news.

According to a survey from the Macquarie Group, broadband users saved $30 on the monthly wireless bill than normal rather, if they had only been using their service provider.


So with all the positive money saving changes, why not switch everything to a wi-fi only connection as we speak?  One of the biggest reasons stems from an issue of safety on a public network.

With new generations of wi-fi streaming popping up all over the place, new forms of encryption will need to be reset for better, more updated protection. Macquarie even predicts that all of the issues won’t be completely solved by 2016.

“It will be several years before the majority of U.S. consumers even contemplate dropping their LTE vendor in favor of an add-on public Wi-Fi service from their cable company,” announced Kevin Smithen, analyst at Macquarie.

This new change in wi-fi may be revolutionary for the public, but is leaving the biggest wireless companies like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile in quite a bind, which is why you see them partnering up with cable companies like Comcast. The offloading of these companies wi-fi onto cable networks will cost them into the billions.

Looks like the best hope for these popular wireless service providers will be to partner up with some of the bigger cable companies and by selling them their airwaves.

What do you think about these impactful changes? Was this inevitable?

Coolest Gadgets Released in 2015

2015 is coming to a near close, and many new gadgets and pieces of revolutionary technology has been released so far, with more to come.

We haven’t posted very much on WSW1 within the last few months and thought it was long overdue, so in this post we want to deliver you the coolest gadgets of 2015. Of course this post may have been more effective more towards the beginning of the year but hey, if you haven’t heard of these by now then here they are in front of you.

Included in the video are technology devices for households, high tech devices, gadgets for your iPhone, pets, and that you can wear, and some of the newest (and soon to be greatest) around. These new devices are sleek and meek, and ready to be operated by those with great taste in technology.

We hope that you enjoyed the video!

Look out for more to come in the future. We figure that when it comes to certain types of gadgets and technology, some of our visitors may greater appreciate a video above a blog post without much content aside from words.

What was your favorite technology of this year?

Best Gadgets of 2015

It wouldn’t be a new year unless all kinds of new forms of gadgets and technology were released. All throughout the year, every year, there are hundreds of new releases that keep gadget geeks on the edge of their seats everywhere.

It’s been a while since we updated Best Choice Tech, so we thought we would bring it back in style with the coolest gadgets of 2015.

The year is already close to being over (again) so you better go out and grab these before the new versions come out in 2016, or they just plain become obsolete like every other tech device. Ha.

Future Wearable Gadgets of 2016

With the release of the Apple watch and other similar electronic wearables hitting the market, it’s obvious what one of the biggest future trends will be. And it’s only 2015.

By 2016 however, this market will have expanded quite far, as newer and even better wearables come into the game. We’ve got a sneak peak at what some of these “gadgets of the near future” will be, so check out the video to see.

Just as you thought you were starting to see it all…


Banned by Amazon?

With the wide range of products available of Amazon, it seems like you could just about buy anything.

The company has created a list of 32 banned or restricted categories that have their own lines of products that also cannot be sold.

Most of the products that are banned are within reason, considering the fact that they are illegal which could be anything from stolen items, drugs, and gun silencers. Others can include gasoline, cell phone jammers, black powder, wiretapping equipment, or any other item that carries a concern from safety.

Then there are the items that are almost a bit “out there” such as human body parts, sable antelopes, and any media featuring the porn star Traci Lords that were created prior to May 7,1986. It all sounds pretty crazy, right?

Amazon is also becoming notorious for banning “offensive products,” which include “products that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views.”

Following in line with other major retailers including Walmart and Sears, Amazon has made the decision to now ban anything that has to do with the Confederate flag from it’s stores; All falling in line with the aftermath of the shootings in Charleston back in early June of this year.

Amazon once had around 29,000 items pertaining to the Confederate flag including pocket knives, t-shirts, posters, the flag itself, and other memorabilia. On its website, the company says that it “reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of listings on its site, and remove any listing at any time.” They also encourage that users reports any of these items if they happen to come across them.

“We will investigate each report thoroughly and take any appropriate actions,” the company said. “We work hard on this issue every day because we know that our customers trust that they are buying safe and legal products when they shop on Amazon.com,”

Millennials Aren’t Too Thrilled With Apple Watch

The great anticipation of the launch of the new new Apple watch watch has already began to dissipate rather quickly.

According to a study from brand intimacy agency MLM, millennials are already unsatisfied with their new purchase of the watch, some even occurring before the end of the first 30 days. Many report that the watch is simply an extension of their iPhone, and are now feeling the guilt from the purchase as they are starting to see it as too materialistic.

Apparently though, wearables such as the Apple watch typically have a high ditch rate that usually occurs within the first 60 days.

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Mobile Payments Sweeping the Restaurant Industry

The rise of mobile payments in restaurants has begun, and waiters are just as excited about the expansion as technology developers around the world.

Since the new addition of mobile payment technology in restaurants, people are starting to tip more now than before.

A rustic Argentinean restaurant in middle London, La Patagonia, has seen a 4% increase in tips since implementing the new payment system known as “Zapper”, which allows customers to scan a code on their receipt and adjust the tip amount on their smartphones.

According to the general manager of the restaurant, Mila Salvtierra, “We are offering better service because now they (customers) don’t need to wait so long to pay…they can pay straightaway…so we have improved our service,” which he also believes could be the reason for the increase in tips.

In a study by Juniper Research, mobile and tablet users will make 195 billion mobile commerce transactions every year by 2019, which is an increase from 72 billion this year. And the numbers will only continue to grow from here.

But Why the Big Transition?

Besides rolling with the times, mobile payment options were created to take out the long process that can sometimes come with sitting down for a meal, and instead make them quick and easy.

According to another mobile payment processing company “Flypay,” people are now paying 10-15 percent of their total bill for a tip, which is higher than the 10 percent of less they would leave when just paying with a card.

Flypay CEO Tom Weaver reports that “The ease of paying combined with the fact that using a smartphone doesn’t feel like “real money” is one of the drivers behind the rise of tips.”

Weaver has told CNBC that “If people are leaving cash, they will leave an amount that is reasonable for them so tends to be a low cash tip. The great thing about digital payments is it doesn’t feel real as the cold hard cash in your pocket.”

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iPhone Blue Screen of Death?



iPhone users on T-mobile’s network have reported seeing “blue screens of death” at random times. Many have taken to Twitter to complain about these screens that randomly appear and follow with a reboot, sometimes occurring up to 3 times within 10 minutes.

Generations of iPhones have included iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus however, any model using iOS 8 (including 8.3) hasn’t been exempt from this blue screen phenomenon. Even those that haven’t had their iPhone for barely 2 months are dealing with the problem.

While many uses end up resorting to a hard reset, others have found the problem to easily go away when turning off their Wi-fi connection. Apple reacted to the problem by stating that they would replace the malfunctioning disk drive in the hard disk drives of Mac PC’s.

No other reports about similar problems occurring with other major brand that carry the iPhone have surfaced at this time.

If you are experiencing the blue screen of death and your phone is still under warranty, you can always try returning it to the store you purchased it from and see if there is anything they can do for you.

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